How many people kept this secret?

In order for this brilliant action to succeed there had to be LOTS of people working quietly behind the scenes. Who designed the banner?  Who printed it? Who figured out the timing and mechanics of the crane and the climb? How many of us watched in awe and then sent a check to Greenpeace?


And, how about these beautiful High School students – marching in Washington? Who made arrangements for the bus and driver to drive them through the night to DC? Who found a local Church that fed and housed them? How many lunches were made? Cookies baked? Conversations had and new friends made? Who stayed behind, praying for their safety?


Who created this great sign?  How many did they make and plaster around town (I love to think that it was a group of friends in the still of the night, leaving their silent message to speak for itself.)

Window Dressing/Downtown Providence, RI

Whether you make phone calls, write postcards, march in the streets, bake cookies for organizers, meet with your elected officials, put up a banner or a lawn sign, run for office, organize your neighbors, serve as a mentor for a refugee family, make signs, write songs, donate money or or or, and and and – change happens when we all show up. How will you work for change this week? Will you tell us?

Sharing Our Stories

Imagine my excitement when a friend of a friend wrote to me after reading one of my earlier posts with a great new idea and a willingness to help develop it.  First, it meant that someone (besides my family) was reading the blog and second, her idea is right up my alley – sharing stories to build community and inspire resistance. Sharing Our Stories is about your story of action and resistance. Please join me in greeting Marianne Warner who will work with me on this.  Yeah! We even have a special new page to collect your story – check it out.

Ideas and Information

It’s a big week ahead (wouldn’t you like a boring week?!)


Wednesday – March 8thWomen’s General Strike.  If you need some inspiration of who we are striking for, check out these stunning photos depicting 100 years of women refugees from Huffington Post.

Sunday – March 12 – Ready To Resist phone call with resistance leaders.

In his talk President Trump called for a big increase in Pentagon spending.  BUT – Congress will have to approve this. Your voice will matter. Write, call, email, all of the above.  Here’s a ready-made letter from FCNL.

Trump’s “new Muslim ban” addresses due process concerns for permanent legal residents and people with existing visas, but it still maintains a list of Muslim-majority countries whose residents are barred from entering the United States.  Take action!

taxmarchSaturday, April 15th – Tax March see if there’s one near you!!

And, join me in thanking the two republicans who broke rank in calling for copies of President Trump’s tax returns by endorsing a Democratic effort.

Mark Sanford – phone in Mount Pleasant, SC 843 352-7572 or in DC
202 225-3176 AND, Walter Jones – phone in Greenville, NC 252-931-1003 or in DC  202-225-3415.


Ongoing and new campaigns from the ACLU. User friendly action page.

Flippable is working to turn America blue by building a movement to flip seats.They focus on state races, which play a huge role in national elections. Check out their latest action with Facebook!

Weekly Call to Action from The 65 about ACA repeal.

Hope is evident:

More follow up to “Resistance Recess” – protests at town halls around the country might prevent Republican lawmakers from repealing the Affordable Care Act.

From MoveOn: The message from “Resistance Recess” is clear: The public doesn’t want health care ripped away. The public wants a full investigation of Trump’s corruption and ties to Russia. The public wants all members of Congress to do their jobs—and stand up to Trump. And the resistance isn’t going anywhere. Some video footage from town hall meetings.

Maybe continued resistance will also pressure Jeff Sessions to do the right thing.


I am so moved by the ways in which Muslims and Jews are stepping up to help one another in the face of increased hate crimes.

  • Philadelphia Muslims raised $138,000 to repair the Jewish synagogue.
  • Tampa Jewish community raised $60,000 to repair a local mosque.
  • St Louis Muslims raised over $140,000 to repair damaged graves in Jewish cemetery.
  • Jews handed over keys to their synagogue to Muslim leaders after the local mosque was destroyed in a fire.

Some articles that I found informative and encouraging:

Taxing the wealthy in Minnesota has dramatically improved state’s economy.

A Great New Accidental Renaissance by Timothy Egan.


A big out of sync with the tone I’m going for but it did make me laugh out loud.


And finally,

I was going through our bookshelf the other day and my fingers stopped at the collection of well-loved books.  You know those books – the ones with well-worn spines, pages turned down, evidence of coffee or food on the pages?  Quite randomly, I pulled out The Twits by Roald Dahl and opened to this…

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

So, my friends, here’s to a week of good thoughts and looking lovely  – it may help!

Here’s to you, here’s to us – all in it together.