Sharing Our Stories

Are you, or someone you know, finding new ways to use your talents and interests to Speak Truth to Power? Overwhelming as the continual input of news and information can be, it’s inspiring to share stories of how we are finding our niches in the resistance struggle.  We’re building connections, expressing our passions, and living our beliefs.

If you have a story to tell, please share it.  Send us a few sentences, telling how you or a friend are working on key issues – immigrant rights, racial justice, voter suppression, the environment, education, or any other area now under attack or important to you.  We’re interested in all paths – protest, legislative advocacy, community outreach, artistic — or perhaps an innovative approach we haven’t yet considered!

None of us can do it all, but together we are a river of love, life and resistance.  If you’re willing to share how your little wave is joining the flow, write your story in the box below and hit SUBMIT!  We’ll be in touch before publishing your story so you can approve it.