Patience and Persistence

Every now and then after a good night’s sleep, a laugh out loud moment, a great meal with friends or an extended period of time working in my garden, I forget, for a brief and shining moment, that Trump is president.  And while the reality comes swiftly back – my attitude often shifts after a brief time out from the insanity that has somehow become the norm.  Just yesterday, I came across an article about William Rosenzweig and his Acceptance Speech for “Oslo Business for Peace Award” in which he talks about his work as a quiet gardener. While this was written long before Trump’s reign, his views about gardening describe how I want to live my life and provide some perspective for this dark and scary time.

The garden has taught me about patience and persistence and the ethical principles of generosity and reciprocity. It has illuminated the importance of appreciating the cycles of life and decay. For the gardener, composting is a transformative act – whereby last season’s clippings (or failures) can become next year’s source of vigor.

I’ve learned that it’s not just what you plant, but how you plant it that brings long – term rewards in life, work and the garden. Gardeners know that once strong roots are established, growth is often exponential rather than linear.

In essence, the gardener’s work is a life of care. We cultivate abundance from scarce resources. We nurture, encourage, fertilize – and prune when necessary – while being respectful of the true and wild nature of all things. We know that creating enduring value requires vision, passion, hard work and the spirit of others.”

The resistance movement that we are all a part of – is all of these things – care and cultivation, growing strong roots, respect for all, persistence, exponential growth. And, patience.  We must be patient – because there will likely be some blights and nasty bugs before we get the bloom that will nurture us in the long run.  But we are smart. And persistent.  And patient. And growing.

Hope is Evident

When photos speak….


Ideas Information Action

Again – our friends at The Wall of Us have some great actions and information.

#DisarmHate! – checkout the issues list and scripts from The65 where you will also find scripts and contacts for a number of timely issues including healthcare, ties with Russia and military action in Syria.

Do Good in less than 5 minutes – Women. Immigration. LGBTQ Community.
Persons with disabilities. Racial and Culture Equality. Children. – pick an issue, make a difference in 5 minutes.


From #DoTheMostGood on Twitter!

And finally,

This came in an email from a friend awhile ago and it feels like the perfect end note. Picture your joyful ones in your mind’s eye as you read this – and give thanks for them as I give thanks for you.

Ode to the Joyful Ones
by Thomas Lux

Shield your joyful ones.
—from an Anglican prayer

That they walk, even stumble, among us is reason
to praise them, or protect them—even the sound
of a lead slug dropped on a lead plate, even that, for them,
is music. Because they bring laughter’s
brief amnesia. Because they stand,
talking, taking pleasure in others,
with their hands on the shoulders of strangers
and the shoulders of each other.
Because you don’t have to tell them to walk toward the light.
Because if there are two pork chops
they will serve you the better one.
Because they will give you the crutch off their backs.
Because when there are two of them together
their shining fills the room.
Because you don’t have to tell them to walk toward the light.

“Ode to the Joyful Ones” by Thomas Lux from To the Left of Time. © Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016.

Here’s to you, here’s to us – all in it together.