A Decision and A Practice

Yesterday I came across an email that I wrote to friends and family in 2004 introducing them to our new puppy. It read: Out of despair from election shock [remember THAT election?] has come hope in the shape of a VERY cute puppy who was abandoned with his sister but then rescued by our amazing dog sitter and now adopted by us. At the end of the email was a tag with a quote by Zenobia Barlow that I’d completely forgotten about.

There are plenty of opportunities right now to give up hope.  But futility is an indulgence we can’t afford.  Hope is a decision and a practice, and it takes great courage and faith.

Pretty perfect for right now, don’t you think?  And, so is Zenobia Barlow’s work as  executive director and co-founder of the Center for Ecoliteracy.  Providing education for sustainable living – I LOVED browsing their website when I was feeling particularly down about Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement. 

But back to the quote. Deciding to be hopeful and figuring out your practice can be tricky, complicated business. All decisions in life require clarity and commitment.  When I am unclear about what I really want, my internal editor presents me with a distracting list of pros and cons.  But when I quiet my mind (part of my practice) and listen to that still small voice (also part of my practice) – clarity often presents itself.  And, Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”   In this uncertain, frustrating, frightening and complicated time my clarity about choosing hope and the practice I follow (this blog being a big part of it) is comforting as well as a reminder of the longer view – the bigger picture that has a place for all of us.

Ideas Information Action

Once again the Wall of Us has four great actions for the week.

  1. Ask your Governor to SCHOOL TRUMP on climate leadership.
  2. Ask your Mayor to generate clean power in your community.
  3. Challenge CEO’s to step down from Trump’s advisory council.
  4. Support Ossoff’s climate-change-factual campaign.

All The Good We Can is a website with lots of action ideas and information – whether you have 5 minutes, 15 minutes or lots of time to spend.  Well organized, many issues. Worth a visit or two or three!

With thanks to our friends at One Thing You Can Do – a guide on basics for internet security.

An eloquent letter to Trump and Congress written by 25 religious organizations expressing disappointment on withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

What’s next on US Climate Policy – from FCNL.

Call list/actions/information – Domestic and Global news to be aware of for this week from It’s Time To Fight.

Wake Up To Politics – maybe you read the NY Times article about Gabe Fleisher – 15 year old from St Louis who writes a daily newsletter about current events.  His story and the newsletter are terrific…check it out!

Hope is Evident

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March(es) for Truth took place over 135 cities with numerous organizations participating including MoveOn.org, The Women’s March and Rock the Vote.

ABC news spoke with Paola Mendoza, the artistic director of the Women’s March who was among those marching in New York on Saturday. “I firmly believe that the success of the resistance depends on the intersectionality of all our movements. The Women’s March stands side by side with the March for Truth because when we fight for truth, we are also fighting for the undocumented communities, for women, for our Muslim brothers and sisters and our planet.

Laugh Out Loud

Thanks to The New Yorker for this much-needed laugh…


And finally,

Circling back to that cute puppy.  Last month, Harpo let us know that his time with us was over. He had a very good long run – he was loyal, playful, mischievous, very soft and he loved us absolutely.  He also had some very bad habits like eating fabric and paper (as in unfinished quilts, notebooks, mail and sometimes money) but, we adored him and we miss him everyday. Anyone who has had a pet knows about their no-strings-attached love.  It’s a remarkable thing to be adored even when you don’t deserve it.  I hope that you have a person, a place, a pet that gives you unconditional love – someone, something, somewhere that restores and renews your spirit – giving you the boost and resolve to carry on.

I like to think of our other dogs, now gone, welcoming Harpo home – showing him the ropes in this new place where he can eat fabric and paper to his heart’s delight.

Here’s to you, here’s to us – all in it together.