We need each other

I just spent 17 minutes listening to the Pope’s TED talk. While it might be difficult to “spare” 17 minutes from whatever it is that’s filling your time, I encourage you to find them.  It will be a gift that you give to yourself.  Find a quiet place, push play. He speaks in Italian but delivers his words with such care that I wondered if somehow I learned a new language in my sleep (there are subtitles in many languages.) I confess to being no fan of the Catholic church over the years but I felt enveloped with a tenderness so rich, so deep, so real that all of the voices in my head went quiet. His message is for people of all faiths – one of hope, connectedness and tenderness. He calls for a revolution of tenderness. And, he challenges us to pair science and technology with equality and social justice.

How wonderful would it be, while we discover faraway planets, to rediscover the needs of the brothers and sisters orbiting around us. How wonderful would it be if solidarity, this beautiful and, at times, inconvenient word, were not simply reduced to social work, and became, instead, the default attitude in political, economic and scientific choices, as well as in the relationships among individuals, peoples and countries.

Treat yourself, you won’t be sorry.  Here’s an interactive transcript if you want to see more.

Ideas Information Action

Do you know about TrumpTruthHiders? They are tracking how House Republicans have acted to hide the truth about the Trump presidency.

If you want to challenge corporations who benefit from Trump’s policies check out BackersOfHate for contacts, info, scripts, actions.

Trumpcare –  they are STILL trying to pass this.  Speak out – made easy with scripts and contact information from The65. And, here’s a ready to send letter from FCNL.

Remember Georgia?? Tony the Democrat is at it again! with another postcard campaign – this time to Turn 32 Blue and elect Christine Triebsch for the GA State Senate.  Election Day is May 16th and many voters don’t realize that they need to cast their ballot on May 16th for Triebsch and AGAIN on June 20th of Ossoff.
You know the drill…
– Email TonyTheDemcorat@gmail.com
– Subject line “Help Me Break Georgia Republicans’ Super Majority!”
– Message: I’d like to write postcards to help Turn 32 Blue.

Southern Poverty Law Center’s perspective on Trump’s first 100 days including a timeline, profiles and more.  Well worth checking out.

Hope is Evident

From the Ready to Resist Call on 4/30: “If you ever wonder whether all of your political activism makes any difference, remember this day, April 15, when Rep. Ken Buck unexpectedly showed up at the Longmont town hall. Buck’s staff had said that he was “not available” for the meeting. So why at the last minute did he decide to face the questions, and the justifiable anger and scorn, of his constituents in Longmont? Because we have become a force large enough and loud enough that even a Republican congressman in a largely Republican district can no longer afford to ignore us.” – Kathy P., Longmont, CO

Don’t you love this photo posted by our friends at the National Park Service?  #Resist and #TheResistance

Bears Resist

And, how about these great photos from the Climate March(es)?

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And finally,

There are two things that I love the most about writing this blog.  The first, is thinking about those who are reading it (that’s you) with the hope that you’ll feel the love and encouragement I’m sending your way and the second, is being on the lookout for snippets of hope and inspiration (and there are many.)  I spent Sunday in my garden. It was great to be outside all day – planting, digging and watering. All my little seedlings are sturdy and growing with the promise of summer’s harvest in their little leaves. And the daffodils I planted last fall (all 400 of them plus the couple thousand or so we’ve planted over the years) are in full bloom so the yard is one big sign of HOPE.  While I know that hope is not enough, it felt great to dwell in its arms for the day. The video below made my eyes fill up and feels like just the right bookend to the Pope’s words. And this one is only 2 minutes!

Here’s to you, here’s to us – all in it together.