Rise Up

I don’t know about you but I have a love/hate thing going on with Facebook. I’m always surprised that before I know it I’ve spent an hour reading and clicking from one thing to the next instead of quilting, cooking, talking, organizing, reading, gardening – connecting in real time with the people and activities that I love. Somehow our little devices with screens have become an extension of ourselves and it drives me crazy.  But every now and then I come across something that stops me in my tracks.

My own white privilege allows me to resist, protest and speak out knowing that I will not be deported or arrested, I will not go to sleep hungry, frightened or alone.  My white privilege provides a safety net that allows me to make choices and take risks that would be dangerous for others. I can not change this luck of the draw that is my life but I can do something everyday for those who are not as lucky.  And, in times like these, my white privilege drives me to do more than my fair share and look for ways that I can stand with those who don’t have a safety net.

Ideas Information Action (don’t do ALL of these – choose one or two and then go plant some iris…)

The Wall of Us sent 4 different, interesting, timely, well-explained actions for the week. Check them out – or at least the one that connects to your passion.

  1. Understand the Budget Process to Stop Trump from Defunding Science
  2. Stop Falling for Trump’s Attempts to Distract Us from Russia
  3. Ask Corporate Sponsors to Boycott Trump’s Golf Resorts
  4. Demand Privacy for All-of-Us and Transparency for the President

March for Science – followup week of actions to highlight the ways in which Science – engages, discovers, empowers, creates, communicates, advocates and connects.

EPA is calling for public comments on its regulations – the ones that protect us from polluted air and water, toxic chemicals, and climate change.  Comments close on May 15th.  Add your voice!


People’s Climate March – April 29 We Resist. We Build. We Rise. March for climate, jobs and justice.


A Day Without ImmigrantsMay 1  I was moved by the slideshow from LaHuelga about why people are striking on May 1st.  Everyone pictured responded to the question: What do permanent protection, dignity, and respect mean to you?

This week The65 has straightforward scripts for you to weigh in on these timely issues:

  • No Border Wall
  • NO on Legislation that Takes Health Care Coverage Away from Constituents
  • Continue to Fund ObamaCare Subsidies, Regardless of Trump’s Threats
  • Congressional Approval for Military Action in Syria and Around the World


Art gives our movement meaning, depth, spirit and soul – that takes time, imagination and SUPPLIES. The Peoples Climate March has put together an amazing set of resources to make signs, banners and all sorts of art projects to get our message across with creativity.

Hope is Evident

In addition to the March for Science in DC there were 394 satellite marches all over the world. Here are just some of the signs…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jon Ossoff received 48.6% of the vote in a district once called “hard right.” He now moves on to a runoff on June 20th.

ACLU lawsuit succeeded in keeping the last remaining abortion clinic in Kentucky open.

And finally,

Some words of wisdom from Austin Kleon.  I think I’ll go check my seedlings…


Here’s to you, here’s to us – all in it together.