Dear Friends,

I imagine you are overwhelmed and inundated with petitions, requests for money, posts, articles, news bites – more information than it’s possible to digest.  It’s quite a moment in time.

At the march in Boston one of the Native American speakers offered some sage advice –  choose your issue and work in every way possible to turn the tide for that cause and at the same time, find ways to support allies who have chosen other causes.  This seems so wise to me – wise and doable.  I have not yet figured out my one cause – but I have figured out that one of the things I can do is to sift through the onslaught and send out a post (weekly? bi-weekly?) with simple ways to speak truth to power.  I may include links, phone numbers to call, a person/address to write to.

I know we’re all figuring out how to participate in this new version of the great democratic experiment – share this link with anyone who may find it useful – by subscribing an email notice will arrive when new post is available.  I will do my best not to be part of what’s overwhelming in this confusing time.

Information and Ideas

Add your name to support SB 54 to keep immigrant families together and encourage other states to pass similar legislation. They will also ask for money but you don’t have to contribute to sign the petition.

Another petition – great group fighting for BOLD Progressive change – again they will ask for money after you sign but again, you can participate without giving money.

Link to with their wonderful hands-on ideas.

Short article that I found helpful and comforting on how to stay outraged without losing our mind!

TWO people to write to. (Paul Ryan has blocked his office phones and fax numbers, and is turning away people who show up to deliver petitions, so…. change of tactics.)

Paul Ryan


Mitch McConnell
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington,DC 20510

So many things to say no to but here are a few you can choose from for your postcard:
NO to:
1. Defunding Planned Parenthood
2. Repealing the ACA (Obamacare)
3. Privatizing Medicare
4. Silencing the EPA and National Parks
5. Muslim Ban
6. Border Wall
7. Dakota and Keystone Pipelines
8. and, and, and, and…..

I wish I could get some home baked cookies to Paul Ryan’s letter carrier…..he’ll need the extra energy…..I may just figure out how to do that….


I Can’t Keep Quiet – the women who sing this for the march – rehearsed ONLINE – they aren’t a regular chorus…- I still get chills every time I watch this.

Yonina- I can’t imagine anyone seeing this and not smiling….go ahead….try it.

Here’s to you – here’s to us, all in it together.